Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Dark Lord and Voldemoof

With all the Harry Potter hysteria going on - yes, I (Amy) finished the book, Matthew's speed-reading it right now - I take you back to a few weeks ago when we hosted Jenny and Truman over at our place for a little puppy shuffle time. Figuring that everyone was tired, we took Tai, Truman, and Paige to see The Order of The Phoenix.

We must refer you back to the LAST time that we took Tai to the movies, one of us has STILL not seen all of Pirates 3. We figured that that was a while ago, he's so much older, it will be fine.
He did not have an accident in the theatre. Yay. However...during the movie, Hagrid's dog Fang (a very cool looking Neopolitan Mastiff, BTW) barked on-screen.

So did Tai. So did Truman. Off-screen. (Paige lay there like a bump on a pickle.)

The poor people in front of us jumped (they must have thought they had surround sound), but at least they had a good sense of humor. And then it happened again. And again. Finally, Jenny and I got wise and decided that everytime Hagrid came on the screen, or any type of creature, dog-like or not, we would bend down, ready to give the quick correction.

We spent the last hour of the movie in the hunched-over position. So because Jenny had decided that Truman belongs in Slytherin (and we know that usually Houses run in families, Sirius Black aside) where else to put Tai than the House that spawned Snape, the Lestranges, and of course, Tom Riddle?

Sure, he LOOKS all sweet and cute, but....Tai is none other than.... The Dark Lord!


8675309 said...

I was thinking if I had the opportunity for the "S" litter, I'd take a black dog and name him Sirius. Same thing for an "R" dog...Riddle....

But I suppose one Lab from the house of Slytherin is enough. :)


Oh how funny, I have yet taken my pup in training, Cobra to a movie, but he would just fall asleep anyway.
I saw the Pic of Truman and his 3 little wizards friends. That was sooo cute!
Our school, KSDS, picks the names of our dos according to themes, and The Harry Potter theme was done a while agao, So I missed out on having a Sirius or Riddle name.
Is it ok If I link you to my blog?
Have fun!

matt & amy said...

Sara, go right ahead, link away. I have an aunt who is a breeder (as in, a human who breeds the dogs) of Clumber Spaniels and her dogs' litters usually have a theme too. The last one was the Beach Boys, and one of the first ones was Peanuts characters. My mom got Moonrysn's You're a Good Man Charlie Brown.