Monday, July 23, 2007

Open House 2007

We know we're more than a month behind, but Guide Dogs of America's annual Open House was last month. Open House is a time where the public is invited to the school for tours, demonstrations, the silent auctions, while the puppy raisers come to help out, run their puppies through the "puppy trials" (an obstacle course, if you will, of combined distractions and obedience), and oh yeah, run the kissing booth.

This is the third time that we have had the...pleasure?...of running the puppy kissing booth (nah, it's not bad). Hey, puppy kisses for a dollar, what a great racket - all we have to do is get pups who kiss (which HAS been a problem from time to time - sometimes they get performance anxiety, or decide that they will NOT kiss another stranger)! Each pup gets a 15-20 minute shift each, although there are some that will get us through the shy or no-show pups (Mika, we're looking at you!). We usually rake in $200 or so, depending on attendance.

The puppy trials are always fun. Amy's dad has still not got over that often times there are hot dogs on strings, swinging from the trees. Basic obedience, distractions in many forms (goats, blow-up plastic pirates, bubble machines, popcorn and dog cookies...) as well as veterinary exams are rated. Neither Paige or Tai placed this year, but it's not about the ribbons, it's about the fun (and the learning, right?).
And did we mention that this year, the theme was "Pirates"?

Everybody say, "ARRRRRRRGH"!!!

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