Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mr. December

At our annual Halloween meeting, our South Bay GDA calendar was released. Previous stars of the calendar have included....

Jetta and Liam

Liam, Voight, and Mika

Tai and Truman

and now, introducing Mr. December....

Tai (in quite possibly the most ridiculous picture ever - we love him!!)

Another One

Today we got postcard #2. YAY!!! Tai writes that he's learned right and left turns and that he knows how to cross streets, and that they will begin higher traffic areas soon. We've been doing this long enough to know that about ten or eleven weeks out the dogs are tested... that should be soon. Tai's been in training a little over eight weeks - one week less than Zoe has been with us!

It's good to know that he continues to do well - thank goodness! I think I must have written it before about Voight, Liam, or Paige, but while WE know that Tai is a good boy, it's good to know that the school knows it too!