Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Great T Swap

Yes, we're here, but life has been getting in the way of keeping you all updated. First, let us talk about The Great T Swap. Tai went to stay with Jenny for a weekend, while his brother, El Presidente Truman, came to stay with us and Paige. Tai, unlike our first two dogs, is not used to being an only puppy, and we thought the change would do him good. Truman, being an only puppy (and one with seemingly boundless energy), got to play all day with the Paiges. Both brothers enjoyed the change... although we're pretty sure Paige is asking when SHE gets to be an only puppy again and when do the little-bundles-of-energy get to go play somewhere else!

Paige and Truman got along just fine, romping in the backyard. Truman was cracking us up with what we and Jenny dubbed the "yellow dog defense". You throw the toy, Paige runs to get it; Truman stands his ground, waits for Paige to get the toy, then runs to grab it for her - conservation of energy as it were. It is amazing to us that two dogs can be so similar and yet so different. Their expressions are so similar, although when one is yellow and one is black, it is harder to see. Truman is built slightly taller and slimmer (both boys we are guessing are more of the "English" type Lab - big feet, stockier bodies, big blocky heads) than Tai who is about five pounds heavier. It's so reminiscent of Lomax and Liam (I must refer our newer readers to previous entries): the yellow dog being a little more tall and slender, and the black dog being shorter and stockier (although both of the L brothers were more the American type Labs).

That same weekend, Jenny met us at our house for a multidog outing to see Pirates of the Carribbean: At World's End. Jenny elected to kennel the Truman, while Paige and Tai went to the show. We'd like to say that we liked the movie, but one of us is still withholding judgement, having missed a good 25 minutes of the middle. Tai kept popping up from his down-stay at our feet. Upon further inspection, his chest was wet. So was the towel he was lying on.


So Tai was carried out of the theatre, into the lobby, where he, um, sprung another leak. So he was then carried at a run out the door (the sight of a 38 pound labrador being carried out must have been a sight), to the nearest planter that didn't contain something with thorns. He went there, too. He was then taken across the way to the parking lot where he went TWO MORE TIMES and THEN got "big busy". After that, he walked very calmly back into the movie and promptly fell asleep. At least HE wasn't concerned about what part he had missed in the movie! After that, we returned to get the Truman who had had a nice nap, and went to dinner, after which we swapped the brothers back.
All and all, a good experience (albeit a learning experience for the humans, ahem!), and proof that with a puppy (or two or three) life is NEVER boring (but can be embarrassing, nerve-wracking, amazing, humbling...).


Erin & Rei said...

hee hee i have to laugh having experianced something simular myself...except it wasn't my dog!
It was 6 month old GOlden who thought that the clothing store we were at needed a pond. So she gave them one.
And OF COURSE i didn't have anything to clean up with...the store only had air dryers in their bathrooms....ugh!

8675309 said...

I swear both of those boys have ten-gallon tanks.

Runza said...

Oh, I remember those days! I'm glad I'm not the only one that's happened to. I was in Walmart though during Christmas! YIKES! Everyone was so good about it though. I learned my lesson (until my next puppy of course!)