Saturday, March 17, 2007


We just got back from the vet...we wish it had been for the "happy vet visit" where the vet just gives him a once-over and a treat so that he learns that the vet isn't Public Enemy #1. Mr. Tai has been...busy-ing with great frequency, so in he went.

But the point of the story - this little tank boy weighs 15.3 lbs at 8 weeks. He's grown a ton in just a week. I wonder about the old wives' tale about humans, multiply the height x2 at their second birthday and that's how tall they would be (I would have been about 5'8''. Not so much.) and if there is anything similar in puppies... because with the rate this boy is growing, he stands to pass Paige sooner than expected!

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Alisa said...

i've heard that it's double their weight at 4 months plus a little bit, but that hasn't been so accurate with my puppies. having to carry the babies that are that big is a real treat :-) wilkie boy was 18 pounds at 8 and a half weeks and topped out around 79. my biceps definitely grew raising him...first carrying him as a puppy and then the necessary corrections when his hormones kicked in! have fun with tai!