Saturday, March 10, 2007

My (Our) Tai

My Tai. TaiDown. Tai'ed up.

However you want to call him, the T litter came home yesterday. Below, left to right, are: Thatcher, Trooper, Tia, Tori, Tai and Matthew, and Truman and Jenny.

He is adorable. Beautiful. He's at least eleven pounds if he weighs anything, has big fat paws, a short muzzle, and a big blocky head. He also has several small white markings - like his "big sister" Paige. He has two small marks on his chest, under his arms, three of four of his paws... and (ahem) "racing stripes" down below!

At first, he was holding back, calmly surveying the cooing people as they each got their pups. Once we walked to the grass to try to "get busy" for the first time, he began to show that he has some spirit. And the spirit was moving him to eat grass. And his leash. And Matthew's beard.

Don't get me wrong, it's all adorable puppy stuff, we just haven't seen it in so long!

It took a little while to get home, as it's fifty miles from the school to home, AND traffic going anywhere on a Friday in Southern California is bad. Tai calmed down after about five minutes of fussing, which we have discovered is par for the course with him, and promptly fell asleep on Amy's feet.

He came home and began to explore the living room, his living room crate, and the outside, as well as his two new "packmates" - our cats, Beeker and Flash. Fortunately, he met the calico Beeker first, who is the more tolerant of the two (smoky tabby Flash has been known to hit first and ask questions later) and so far, no fireworks. He also discovered some of his toys - the tennis bone, the rope and jack (thanks Tina and Ron), and his froggie. There was brief froggie (a rattling puppy toy) wrestling, but Tai gave up after froggie kept winning.

He was TIRED. He slept most of the evening and was only active for a little while before bed. He transferred to the bedroom crate just fine... and only got up twice, so we're only slightly sleep deprived. His schedule is about three and a half hours, so up at two, up at five, up at seven thirty.

Today, a friend, Salem, comes to play while Matthew and a friend go to get our Paige as well as two other pups from their breeder evaluation and then Tai gets to meet his Big Sister Paige.

We're pretty sure she is going to be so excited as if to say "Oh, boy! You got me a puppy, and it isn't even my birthday!" (she loves the little ones).

More to come. But in the meantime, enjoy!


Joanna and the dogs said...

SOOO cute!!!!!!!!!!

Erin & Rei said...

Ack!! SO CUTE!!! And little!

*Rei why did you have to grow so fast?*

Natalie said...

Awwww CUTENESS!!!! I want to smush him up and eat him! haha

Joanna and Dash said...

Wow, it just dawned one me that the last time you had a puppy puppy was the L dog pick up!! November 12, 2004!!! That was a LOOONG time ago!! :)

GDA LAB said...

Tai looks like a really cute black bundle of joy. Hope to see him one day and I will be on my best behavior. :)
I got to meet Hogan the day he graduated. We played around in the dorm room.
Congrats on Liam's graduation. I was there that day also.
I don't mind at all being linked to your blog, thank you for asking...