Saturday, September 29, 2007

That's Our Girl!

There are so many things I would like to name this post, most of them words like "WOOOHOOO", "YEAH!!", "MY PAIGES!!", and other general sounds of excited happiness. We got Paige's first postcard from the school. It's been six weeks since we gave her back, and other than a spurious "she's okay" from our source, it's been a long six weeks.

We got back from the Walk For the Animals, and there it was. You see, one of Paige's brothers has been dropped from the training ("career changed" as we call it) a few weeks ago, and that upped our nerves a bit. And keep in mind, she was close to being dropped before she came here, and she was never good with the crate, which is how they travel to training sites when they are in for training. But we had faith.

She's a long way from graduation, and she still has at least two big tests ahead of her. But she's that much closer, and we can't tell you how good that feels. And for the curious among you, this is what we get:


Joanna and Camry said...

YAY for the postcard!!!!! I'm praying the brother that was dropped wasn't Price??? I talked to his raiser just two weeks or so ago, and she said he was still in there, but you never know... Good job Paige!!!

matt & amy said...

No, Joanna, it was the other one. I'm trying to be circumspect with regards to his privacy, but it was not Price. Price is in there still to my knowledge.


Joanna and Camry said...

I understand and definitely respect you not giving me the name of the other brother... :) I'm SO glad to hear Price is still in (at least to your knowledge) Thanks for telling me. :)

GDA LAB said...

Keep those postcards coming..... <3