Friday, November 14, 2008

Tai Passed Prelims!

Just about a month ago, although it seems far too long, we got a postcard from Tai, saying that he was working left and right turns up at GDA. We got the third postcard yesterday (Zoe was asleep, so we did the quietest happy dance ever), saying that Tai had passed his first preliminary test. The trainers go under blindfold and the dog goes through a basic route, everything they have learned up until now.

He passed. Yay! (Yay also to Velo, his buddy up at the school and also from South Bay group who got the same postcard.)

Paige didn't make it this far - this was the point where she became my mom's couch potato. We are SO PROUD of Tai and there is no end to the fun of speculating on A) how big he is B) how well he is doing, and C) what he will do (and what we will do) when we see him again.

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Lisa and Ellie said...

Congrats... that's awesome news!