Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Growin' Up Indeed!

Well, the little boy is passing developmental milestones all over the place. We don't think he can open his mouth without at least one tooth falling out (Amy HATES it when they lose teeth) and now this - Tai went with our friends Nancy and Ann to the goodbye party for one of the trainers at the guide dog school yesterday. They commented that his collar was too snug and went to adjust it, only to find that he'd outgrown his baby collar. They also had to let out the tummy strap of Tai's puppy bib. The upshot: small he ain't, because he has about THEEEEES much room before he's bustin' out of the bib too!

So we put Paige's jacket on him... and found that he is long enough for the Big Boy jacket. Sure, it looks like a dress, but we had to email the school and ask for a jacket (because by the time it gets here, he will be too big for his bib)! Why don't they stay small forever?


8675309 said...

Thanks for the reminder...I need to ask for Truman's big boy jacket, too, before he goes all Incredible Hulk.

(You wouldn't like him when he's angry.)

Denise said...

He does not look like he is swimming in the jacket all that much. Well there is a lot of extra tummy strap. :)
He may be he will be wearing his pirate collars a month earlier than GDA's Open House.

I had to sew up Kamra's belly strap but I never had to let it out till the day before turn-in to give back the jacket. I also had to do Oceana's strap we will see how long before I have to let it out.

Runza said...

Oh - that post is so cute! And Tai is so handsome. I'm so jealous for a puppy. How old is Tai? I'm still laughing at how fast they grow. What a big boy!

Tabatha said...

He looks so Cute in his big boy coat!!!!!!