Friday, April 20, 2007

Paige Update

Hi all, just a short note to let you know that Paige had her surgery yesterday, and will come home today about noon to start recovering. We've only had boy dogs before, so we now understand that altering a female is much more in depth than altering a male (as I recall, Liam came home bouncing off the walls). Please, your thoughts for a speedy recovery back to her very sweet Paigey self!


Sarah said...

Hope you feel better soon Paige. My first pup came back bouncing off the walls after she was spayed, but she is a whole other story :)

Sarah and the I's

8675309 said...

Get better soon, little Paiges. And no RamPaiges until you're all healed. :)

Natalie said...

I've only had boys as well, and they've come home wanting to bounce around too :P

Fielder sends kisses, get better soon Paige :)