Monday, January 29, 2007

Pages of Paige...

Now that I think we have the hang of this... meet Paige. Isn't she beautiful? She is our exception in many ways, and we love her for all of them. Paige is also a puppy in training for GDA, but her story is, in many ways, very different. We had been married only a few weeks, when (and this is always a fateful call) the school called. Could we possibly take a dog for a month? At this point, missing Liam terribly, how could we not?

Paige was given to us because her former puppy raisers could not complete their obligation, and there our adventure begins. We had never raised a girl before... and what a girl she is. In the few short days we had had her, she already had been nicknamed "our delicate little flower" or "tiny fragile blossom". Let's put it this way: diminutive she ain't. Paige came to us full into the adolescent stage where she was puppy brain and dog body, and didn't know where the rest of herself was located... hence, running into the coffee table became a hourly occurrence. And ladylike? Not so much... can this pup BELCH - and not just every once in a while. After EVERY meal, every drink. Finally, not being veterinarians, we're not sure if dogs have a septum. But if they do, it's deviated, because this girl snores as if every nap were her last!

Lest you think that she is all goofball, she is also the very sweetest dog we have ever met. Her mission in life is to love and be loved. She is never happier than to be in your lap (70+ lapdog), being scratched on the adorable white star on her chest. When she came to us, she was quite skittish, was afraid even to cradle. Once she figured out that that meant we were going to rub her belly... she was insistent that we do it more. Even now as she goes to work with us, all we have to say is "good girl, Paige" to see her tail thump contentedly. Voight and Liam were sweet boys, loved to give kisses, but they would want to lay NEXT to you, maybe NEAR you. Paige wants to be touching you, just in case you need a very gentle slurp.

It was love at first sight.

Paige's obedience has improved drastically, and this month GDA decided that it was best that she remain with us for the remainder of her training. She's learned that it is necessary to wait before food, to stay laying down at work, and that socks are NOT toys.

We think that Paige will be a great big sister to Tai, who (like our friend Jenny's Truman) is coming soon March 9. Stay tuned, same dog-time, same dog-channel.

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8675309 said...

Paige needs a comment on her post. Tell her I love her, and thank you for the much-needed cuddling on Sunday.

Kisses to the Paiges!